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The Mysteries of the Submission Process

If you’re a brilliant fiction writer of any description at all, we’re looking for you.

You probably already know that the writing life, even a writing life that consists of only the occasional hour snatched away from the job/home life/underground lair, is hard. If your work is published, it probably won’t get easier, and in either case it’s important to manage expectations. Like most publishers, Tramp Press will want to publish, on average, fewer than 1 manuscript in every 100. We can only suggest that you read constantly, and make sure that your work is complete and perfected before you submit it to us.

Some publishers prefer that you only submit your manuscript to them. We feel you should give your manuscript to a ton of people while you’re waiting for us to get back to you. We will probably reject your manuscript, and we’d like you to have some other options to be getting on with. Many publishing companies will only accept submissions through agents, but we believe that there are also brilliant, unrepresented writers out there. So, whether you have an agent or not, and even if you have submitted your manuscript to 50 other publishers, we’d really like to see your work.

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